My work in dramaturgy is especially concerned with interrogating classic American stories

Below you will find some recent projects.

Royer Bockus, Tatiana Wechsler. Photo by Jenny Graham.

Royer Bockus, Tatiana Wechsler. Photo by Jenny Graham.


Linnea was the assistant dramaturg on Oregon Shakespeare Festival's production of Oklahoma! cast with same-sex leading couples. Much of of her research regarded historical representations of queerness on the frontier, messages of homogeneity/unity in a developing nation's consciousness and the repression and "straightwashing" of queer historical figures.

The Oregon Shakespeare Festival production of Rodgers and Hammerstein’s beloved musical “Oklahoma!” is a beautifully realized experience that dazzles from start to finish.
— Bill Choy, Siskiyou Daily News


Gender & Sexuality Resource guide

Assembled a 130 page resource guide for the benefit of the OSF community and company. An educational tool that touches on gender, sexuality, gender identity, intersectionality and other concerns regarding the LGBTQI2+ communiy.